Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Long lariat necklace

Natural Lapis Lazuli [(grade B), round beads, deep blue, about 10 mm ( 3/8") - diameter] are perfectly combined with  howlite ['grade B),  red, pink, orange, green, blue and yellow color, irregular beads, about 13 mm x 11 mm( 4/8"x 3/8")-16 mm x 10 mm( 5/8"x 3/8")] and handmade knotted to create this breathtaking  gemstone necklace.

Casual, dressy, jeans or whatever, it works nicely with everything. It's a real pleasure to wear this necklace.

The details are:

- 114 cm length;
- 88 grams weight.

Price: 39.70€ / 44.46$

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Howlite -  is a wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion. Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite also can decrease anger originating from within or externally. The wake of such calming can help one be truly comfortable as oneself without the need to pretend to be anything but what you are.

Lapis Lazuli -is a crystal of truth in all aspects. It reveals inner truth, and promotes self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge. It provides for the relief of things that may have been suppressed and allows for them to surface, helping to diminish dis-ease or repressed anger, and allows for self-expression without holding back or compromising.

Handmade Jewelry Care

Even the best-made, highest quality jewelry is delicate. If not handled properly, jewelry will break or become damaged. Handmade jewelry can be extra delicate, so a little extra care will allow it to last a lifetime.

Do not sleep, shower, bathe, swim, do dishes or household cleaning with chemicals. Tap, well, sea, and pool water all contain a variety of chemicals that can result in damage or excessive wear to metals and stones.

Do not exercise when wearing your jewelry. Sweat, tugging, pulling, and rough handling can result in broken links, wire, and thread.

Put your jewelry on after you have applied make-up, hair products, or perfumes. Repeated exposure to the chemicals in beauty products causes your jewelry to lose its sparkle and shine.

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