Thursday, January 12, 2017

Egyptian style necklace

This Egyptian style necklace is dressy enough for the workplace and can go from one season to another. 

It has been crafted from:

- (Grade A) natural agate gemstone loose beads round black, facetted,  about 8mm - diameter;
- antique silver wire tube spacer beads 4x10 mm /0.15x0.39 inches;
- antique silver charms pendant: 55x37 mm/ 2.16x1.45 inches;
- (Grade B) garnet ( natural ) loose beads irregular dark red about 10.0mm( 3/8") x 6.0mm( 2/8");
- coffee suede cord;
- antic silver tone, toggle clasp, S form.

Approximate length is 58 cm (22.83 inch) (with the pendant) when it is worn and weights 22 grams.

Price: 20€ / 21$

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Details of the gemstone:

Black Agate brings the Great Spirit into ones life. Attracts good fortune. Increases concentration and clarity. Promotes good will. Aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. Removes jinxes, helps eliminate bad luck. Has a calming effect during times of stress. Gives a sense of strength and courage. Encourages fertility. Powerful healer. Especially beneficial for bone marrow and allergies.

Black Agate is used for Protection, Courage, Success. It is worn for courage and success in competitions.Black Agate with their hot energy helps Reproduction System. Excellent stone during Menopause, it's also helpful for Breast Tumor.

Agate protects new life and therefore it's excellent stone during pregnancy.

Handmade Jewelry Care

Even the best-made, highest quality jewelry is delicate. If not handled properly, jewelry will break or become damaged. Handmade jewelry can be extra delicate, so a little extra care will allow it to last a lifetime.

Do not sleep, shower, bathe, swim, do dishes or household cleaning with chemicals. Tap, well, sea, and pool water all contain a variety of chemicals that can result in damage or excessive wear to metals and stones.

Do not exercise when wearing your jewelry. Sweat, tugging, pulling, and rough handling can result in broken links, wire, and thread.

Put your jewelry on after you have applied make-up, hair products, or perfumes. Repeated exposure to the chemicals in beauty products causes your jewelry to lose its sparkle and shine.