Thursday, April 20, 2017

Asymmetric earrings 

These asymmetric earrings are light weight and comfortable and look great with a variety of different styles.

Each item: sparkledust beads; brown color (10 mm - diameter and 5 mm - diameter) and copper spacer beads; rectangle; gold plated; [approx: 25mm x 2mm (1" x 1/8")] completes each other to have this gorgeous pair of earrings.

They finish with a copper tone ear wire hook with spring and ball (18x19 mm/0.70x0.74 inches).

The total length of the earrings (including the ear wire) is approximately 6 cm/ 2.36 inches long and weight 2 grams each.

Price: 10€ / 10.70$

Without nickel or lead.

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Handmade Jewelry Care

Even the best-made, highest quality jewelry is delicate. If not handled properly, jewelry will break or become damaged. Handmade jewelry can be extra delicate, so a little extra care will allow it to last a lifetime.

Do not sleep, shower, bathe, swim, do dishes or household cleaning with chemicals. Tap, well, sea, and pool water all contain a variety of chemicals that can result in damage or excessive wear to metals and stones.

Do not exercise when wearing your jewelry. Sweat, tugging, pulling, and rough handling can result in broken links, wire, and thread.

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