Friday, July 14, 2017

 I want to feel special day and night   

Till now I was only a simple worker behind the jewelry. Today, I want to be a real person who loves them and fashion and I’d like to reveal you my tastes.       
As a woman, I want to be confident, to be fascinating, to be charming all the time. And, why not? I'm sure that many other women have this desire.
We can get all when we have the right jewelry accessory which fits perfect with our outfit and this makes us ready to conquer “the world".
Many times I prefer easy, comfortable clothing during the week-days, but at the same time I wish to look sophisticated, in one word: perfect. So, like in the picture below, I decided for the long skirt, the blouse and the flats (of course, besides them: purse, sunglasses and the hat).

 And to arrive where I want: a gorgeous look, I chose: : a simple pearl necklace and a pair of long bar earrings from AUrate from their  beautiful earrings collection.
 The necklace is delicate and forms a subtle V (I love it) and as regarding the earrings - I opted for them because the pair highlights the neckline.

I completed my wardrobe with a bracelet made by me, from pearls (I love pearls and you know they are the best friend of the women) which has a delicate and romantically design. It’s perfect!!!!

In the evenings I love going to the theatre, spectacles, cocktails etc. Today I’ll go to a cocktail, but I’m not in the mood. So, to cheer me up I chose a red dress with the assorted sandals and purse.
I decided for proud pearl earrings with black diamonds from AUrate and a Swarovski pearl bracelet – made by me for a sophisticated look.

Finally, I hope I got all I wanted.